Where can I afford to buy? Mortgage Calculator

Where can you afford a mortgage? This handy location mortgage Calculator helps you find affordable suburbs that you can afford a mortgage repayment in. Just put in how much of a mortgage repayment you can afford, and where your ideal home purchase would be. The mortgage calculator will do the rest.

Median mortgage monthly repayments

  • H House
  • U Unit
Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth Adelaide Darwin Hobart
H- H- H$3,051/m H$3,788/m H$2,572/m H- H$3,159/m
U$4,522/m U$2,175/m U$2,268/m U$2,011/m U$1,917/m U$1,801/m U$2,876/m

and including suburbs within

The amount you can afford to borrow can vary enormously, depending on which mortgage lender you choose. This is why you should always use a mortgage broker to look at the best home loan options for your needs.

Get one of our reputable MFAA-certified brokers to help you choose what’s right—for free.

About the Where would the mortgage I can afford let me buy Calculator


This calculator is designed to help you find affordable suburbs that are as close to your ideal location as possible. All you need to do is input the amount you can set aside each month for your mortgage repayments, choose the suburb you would most like to buy a home in—and presto!


This handy home affordability calculator will pull up the suburbs that fit your budget. You can also adjust the radius of your search, narrowing the distance down to within 1km of your ideal suburb or as far afield as 30km from your ideal suburb.

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