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Greg Dickason

Greg joined RP Data in 2010 where he took over the management of the group’s data product division.  One of the his early highlights was leading the team that delivered the services behind the popular CommBank Property Guide; an iPhone App that allows people to search property information anywhere and at any time.  In addition, he patented the popular rpdata Media Maximiser product with a colleague, which correlates advertising spend to selling success for real estate agents – a first in Australia, and a first in the world.

Greg Dickason is no newcomer to writing – not only a blog expert, he a part time author where along with his 9 year old daughter, produced a children’s booked entitled: Duckrat - Stuff You Wanna Know – a perfect read for 9 year old girls!

Greg Dickason holds an MBA from USQ (University of Southern Qld), specialising in Finance and Business. He also holds a Master of Engineering Degree from The University of Cape Town.

  • 20 Sep 2013
    Where is it best to invest? Accumulation for Shares and Property

    In any investment, diversification is very important, as is the timing of when you get into a market. Both have a major effect on the results you achieve.

  • 13 Sep 2013
    Where is it best to invest? Rent and Dividends 2

    In my previous article we concluded that diversification of investment was very important, and that the timing of when you got into a market had a major effect on the results you achieved.

  • 24 Jul 2013
    Where is it best to invest?

    A friend asked me recently whether he should invest in shares or property. He asked me because I work for RP Data and have access to deep data on individual properties. I also actively invest in the stock market.

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