Blueprint to Property Profits 2020 - Syd

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LIVE EVENT: Get the unfair advantage for profitable property investing in 2020

Date 18th & 19th Feb
Location Sydney
Price Free - but strictly limited seating

Have you put off investing in property because it was too hard to get started?

Perhaps you’ve been renting for years because you love where you live.

You wonder if investing in property will generate the money you need to buy your own home.

Or maybe you just haven’t found the time.

The daily commute to work,

the stress of a challenging job and family commitments…

…juggling these priorities isn’t easy.

And when the weekend comes around you’re just too exhausted to think of investing.

Even if you did find the time, you’re not sure how to invest without risking the family home.

Whatever situation you’re in, here’s the truth:- 94% of Australians struggle to by when they retire

On the other hand, as a successful property investor, you will have the choice to retire earlier. That’s why it’s important to act quickly while there’s still an opportunity to grow your wealth through property.

The best part. We are willing to share our proven property investment strategies with you at NO COST.

What You Will Discover at Blueprint to Property Profits 2020:-

  •     Time-Poor: How to build a profitable investment property portfolio to escape the daily grind by putting in 10% effort…90% will be done-for-you
  •     Families: Why you never have to worry about being priced out of the market…you can invest in property without risking your home
  •     Renters: How property investing can help you afford a home in the location you want
  •     Current Investors: How to overcome the hurdles put on by changes to Australia’s banking system
  •     Near-Retirees: How to retire with regular income and no debt
  •     Leveraging SMSF’s: Diversify your investment portfolio by making your superannuation work hard for you.
  •     A unique game-changing residential property fund four types of investors can invest in to grow their wealth…starting with just $1000

…and more.


Presented by: Opencorp

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