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First Home Owners Grant

Heidi Armstrong, Director of State Custodians Mortgage Company, gives advice on how to apply for the First Home Owners Grant.

Heidi talks about eligibility criteria, and also additional grants and stamp duty concessions that you may be eligible for.

Watch this video now, and let Heidi explain how to take advantage of the First Home Owners Grant.

Video transcript below:

Heidi Armstrong, Director, State Custodians Mortgage Company
Heidi Armstrong: I am Heidi Armstrong and I am the Director of State Custodians Mortgage Company.
If you’re a first home buyer ready to purchase your dream home, then this video is aimed at giving you helpful advice about how to access information about the first home owner’s grant other government tax concessions.  
First Home Owner Grant (FHOG)
The First Home Owner’s grant scheme was set up in July 2000 to offset the effect of GST on the home ownership.  It is a national scheme and it gives a grant of up to $7000.  However, it is funded by the states and territories and administered under their own legislation.  So if you want to understand if you are eligible for the grant, you need to refer to the governing body in the state or territory where you are purchasing.
An easy starting point is to visit  From here you can easily be directed to the relevant state or territory Government body that administers the grant and sets the eligibility criteria.  These websites can also give you valuable information about any additional grants as well as stamp duty concessions or exemptions that you may be eligible for as a first home buyer.  This represents a huge saving and is definitely worth examining in more detail.
Applying for the grant is simple.  You download and complete the application form and provide the supporting documentation.  This is normally certified ID and a copy of the contract of sale. Help with lodging FHOG forms – submit to your lender Your lender will then liaise with the state or territory governing body to ensure that the grant funds are available for you at settlement.  
You can apply directly to the revenue office yourself.  However, you can only do this after settlement.  Given many first home buyers need the grant funds to contribute to the purchase cost, it does make sense to let your lender assist you with this process.
Your solicitor or conveyancer should be assisting you with the relevant forms that are entitling you to any stamp duty concessions or even exemptions.  As the 2010 winner of the best loan for first home buyers, at State Custodians we pride ourselves on not only delivering for borrowers a great loan, but also providing great service including making sure your grant funds are available for you at settlement.  So you can settle on that dream home.
I trust that this information has been helpful.  If you have any questions or would like further information, then please call us or go to our website at so we can help you get that dream home.

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