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How to Get Instant Home Loan Pre-Approval

A short video to show you how to get an instant home loan pre-approval. To see more Your Mortgage videos see our YouTube channel.

Video transcript below:

Do you need a home loan pre-approval?  Because you are thinking about buying a home, but you don’t know how much you can  borrow yet and you want it to be easy without doing any paperwork.  

Well you’ve come to the right place.  At State Custodians, online pre-approval it’s easy and it’s instant.  Here’s how you do it.  Just enter your basic information in two simple steps.  This will calculate how much you might  be able to borrow.  You also instantly receive an email with your pre-approval result. Better still this doesn’t affect your credit record.  You are now one step closer to knowing that you can apply for a loan to buy that dream home.  So why not get pre-approved now with Australia’s non-bank State Custodians

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