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Listen to Aliyah Leung explain how Property Secrets helped her feel more financially secure.

Video transcript below:

Aliyah Leung, Property Secrets Investor
Aliyah Leung:  Hi.  My name is Aliyah Leung and I am a Property Secrets Investor.
How did you hear about Property Secrets?
Aliyah Leung: So I saw the advertisement in a magazine and I decided to call and I wanted to go and see what they were about.
What do you like about Property Secrets property Plans?
Aliyah Leung: With the property plans, I can see how all my properties are performing.
What do you like about Property Secrets?
Aliyah Leung: One of the reasons why I like Property Secrets is because they are a one stop shop, so you can do everything under one roof.
Do you feel you are on the road to financial freedom?
Aliyah Leung: I do, because I’ve got, I’ve got two so far, four on the way.  So yeah, yeah, I am on the way.  I mean I originally wanted to do it because well I was worried about my retirement, that was the main thing.  Then after I started I thought about other things I could do like, you know like I can retire early, I could work part time, I could have more choices because I will have more money so I can do more things.
What was the reason that you came to Property Secrets?
Aliyah Leung: Oh, the reason why, well Property Secrets was the first place that I, that I looked to I suppose for advice and then that was the first place that I decided to go with.  I didn’t decide to go with, I didn’t decide to seek advice from anywhere else because I liked their, I liked Property Secrets concept and their idea and how you can do everything under the one roof.
Do you have to be rich to invest in property?
Aliyah Leung: Oh no.  Like I am the average person.  So I earn average wage, so you can be, you can be anybody and do property investing. 
Why would you recommend Property Secrets to other property investors?
Aliyah Leung: I bought all my properties through Property Secrets and I go there because I can do all my purchasing and the renovation and granny flats all with them and you know I’ve got a good property coach as well and you know he is an expert and you know, so I trust everything that he advises me on purchasing properties.  Yes, so and it’s easy too.  So it takes the guesswork out of investing, because you got an expert, actually an expert, he is guiding the process, giving you good advice and then you basically just make the decisions because they know what to do throughout the whole process of the property purchase.

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